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No residential building on the Paschinger »parish benefice«

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At yesterday’s information evening, there was a lot of criticism of the project.
Image: Municipality of Pasching
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With a resounding “No”, the mayor of Pasching, Markus Hofko (VP), ended the recently flared up discussion about building up the so-called “parish benefice” near the Pasching parish.

“The presented project will not be realized,” said Hofko after yesterday’s information evening of the “Family” housing association. The project critics were in the majority in the audience, Hofko affirmed that a residential building on the land of the diocese is not in the interest of the community. In addition, the mayor wants to secure the existing playground at the current location on the site in the long term.

“Obligation to examine every application objectively”

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As community representatives, we are obliged to assess every application objectively, and this also includes obtaining at least all the information and an impression of the mood of the residents about alternative usage concepts, such as those currently being developed by the family, and then making a decision in the interests of the citizens. Nothing more and nothing less is happening at the moment,” says Hofko.

As reported, the cooperative intended to build five residential buildings on the said area, and the planning for the project has been going on for around five years. The necessary dedication is missing, as the property was re-dedicated from building land to grassland in the early 1990s.

The last one caused excitement termination of the lease contract given by the diocese to the municipality and the associated removal of the playground. The diocese finally withdrew the notice, saying they didn’t want to “put pressure on the community to act,” it said at the time. The playground remained as it was, and in the event of a rededication, it was confirmed, as before, that it should be rebuilt elsewhere on the site. That’s how it would have been planned.

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