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A new increase is in force for domestic workers: how are the salaries

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Thus, during December and the first quarter of the year, employees in the sector received a cumulative increase of 24%, according to the agreement reached within the framework of the National Commission for Work in Private Homes. The salary adjustment was carried out in stages: December, 8%; January, 7%; February, 5% and March, 4%.

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Consequently, from this month the income by category is as follows:

supervisor: $92,099 per month with withdrawal and $102,588 per month without withdrawal.

Personnel for specific tasks: $85,565 with withdrawal and $95,248.50 without withdrawal.

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homemade: $83,482.50 with withdrawal and $83,482.50 without withdrawal.

people care: $83,482.50 with withdrawal and $93,032.50 without withdrawal.

-Personnel for general tasks: $75,075 with withdrawal and $83,482.50 without withdrawal.

Domestic employees: the extras will also be maintained

In addition, an unfavorable area supplement equivalent to 30% is applied to the minimum wages established for each of the categories, for personnel who provide tasks in the provinces of La Pampa, Río Negro, Chubut, Neuquén, Santa Cruz, Tierra del Fuego or in the Patagones district of the Province of Buenos Aires.

In February, the Government relaunched the program “Registered”which allows regularizing the situation of domestic activity personnel: the State covers 50% of the salary for six months in the case of employers with income less than the minimum non-taxable income tax.

Source: Ambito

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