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Agriculture distributes the export of peanut paste to the US among 10 firms

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The Ministry of Agriculture distributed among 10 companies 3,650 tons of peanut paste corresponding to the export quota to the United States for this year, through resolution 72/2023 published today in the Official bulletin. This export of peanut paste must be carried out until next December 31.

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The distribution assigned to Aceitera General Deheza, 2,108.16 tons; to JL, 461.03; to Pro De Man, 408.59; to Arg De Graaf, 173.37; to Agricultural Services, 168.49; to Nutrin, 121.40; Argentine Peanuts, 55.47; to Nutpro, 51.41; to Entrenuts, 51.08; and Lorenzati Ruetsch, 51.

In addition, it was established that the processing of export certificates and the comprehensive management of this quota will be carried out through the Export Quota Administration System (Siace) of the Undersecretary of Agricultural Markets.

Argentina currently has an export quota of 43,901 tons of peanuts to the United States that that country granted for the period 2022/2023.

Peanuts: producers request removal of retentions to mitigate the effects of the drought

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The drought that Argentina is going through, logically, not only affects traditional agriculture but also an endless number of regional economies that, for the most part, have a clearly export profile. Such is the case of peanut cultivation, which contributes some US$1,000 million in exports a year and is suffering from the lack of rainfall. As explained by the chamber that brings together producers and companies in the sector, this year the area allocated to cultivation was reduced by 13% and that is why they are requesting the total removal of withholdings that currently range from 3% to 4.5%, according to the degree of value addition.

Source: Ambito

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