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What do they invest in, with what profile and what should newbies take into account?

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However, a difference stands out with the CNV capital market data: “Considering the information collected on the public registry of suitable candidates in the capital market of NVCit is observed that around 40% of the payroll are women”.

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Lto technology is a factor that helps reduce the participation gap: “Undoubtedly, access to technology, and a greater participation of entities offering training in this regard, is making more women turn to the capital market.”

Regarding the participation data, comment Paula Guelfofinancial adviser and mind behind the Instagram account specializing in finance lady saving: “I would love for there to be more data and for these issues to be discussed all year round. Different sources tend to agree that approximately the percentage is usually around 30/40% of women only at a general level and that in general they are more disciplined with everything that is savings and investment when they propose it”.

Ivan Vega, analyst of PPIpoints out that from the perspective of his company, “the participation of women is increasing in recent timesalthough there is still a lot to be done to achieve greater gender equality in the market”, although he adds that this is not limited to PPI: “It is in the financial industry in general. In fact, it is said that on average in the financial industry and at a reference level only, it is said that approximately 70% of principal accounts are managed by men and a 30% by women. Growing year by year, but without a doubt still reflecting that they are a minority”.

Women in Finance: Investor Profile

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Regarding investment decisions, yaninello A contradictory feature stands out: the majority of women participate in daily finances, but a high percentage do not participate in a long term financial planning. In addition, it stands out that they tend to have a profile more conservative when deciding their investments compared to men.

“We want to make sure we know absolutely everything before we start making longer-term financial decisions. In turn, the woman recognizes her lack of knowledge in financial matters, she has a greater capacity to admit that she does not know something, and consult, while generally the man makes decisions on his own account, incurring different biases ” .

Add that women tend to stay once they define their objectives and strategies and “they respect and sustain them over time, so they not only cushion losses but also incur fewer transaction costs.”

In the same sense it refers guelphwho confirmed that tend to turn to more conservative or moderate investments, although he stresses that “there is everything”. However, he adds that “many times women they tend to have more family goals if they are mothers (this is general, obviously there are exceptions). Among the childless women who consult me, many times the The objective is to travel or emigrate or in the long term, such as eventually buying a house, for example.”.

vega contributes in the same sense that women usually take more careful decisions regarding your investments, ask more questions and make more conservative decisionswhile men “tend to operate with more instruments and are generally more risky when it comes to investing.”

Women in finance: what financial instruments do they turn to

yaninello highlights that the tendency of women is oriented to turn towards men Mutual funds low risk, but as they gain confidence and better understand market dynamics”they are encouraged to rebalance their portfolios, opting for more sophisticated instruments, even if they imply a higher degree of volatility”.

vega, however, it highlights that the investor profile of muta women because “the market is changing and these rules are being challenged by the increasing participation of women in recent years. More and more women are taking a proactive approach to managing their personal finances and are interested in learning more about investing in Actions and other market instruments”.

Women in Finance: Tips for Investing

Balanz’s adviser highlights as an initial step the need to put together a financial plan, “observe that expenses do not exceed income, controlling unnecessary expenses” to generate a savings base on which to start investing.

“To start investing in the capital market there are four fundamental steps: the first step is set an investment goal. Know how much to invest in the short term for current expenses and in the medium/long termbeing able to balance a portfolio with a mix of assets Then, invest in what is known or understood. Many times we are guided by the experiences of others, which do not match our investor profile. After, balance risk and return, define the investor profile and put together a portfolio based on the risk that can be assumed or tolerate. Finally, the golden rule, to diversify the portfolio in such a way as to reduce exposure to the same asset or type of instrument”, highlights yaninello.

He also underlines the importance of opening an account with a serious or experienced broker to have an adviser and evaluate the profile and objectives and one last piece of advice that adds up is “not to experiment”: “Although we cannot avoid behavioral biases with those of us who are born, certainly we can try to mitigate its effects, Avoid making decisions impulsively.

guelph add another key tip: talk to your friends and family, that they are encouraged by instruments according to their investment profile, even if it is with little money: “There are literally options from $1”. And finally, he advises seeking advice from someone suitable: “Registered agents are listed on the CNV website. Counseling is free of charge and gives invaluable support.”

“You can see on networks or news about investments or that you have to invest because inflation is projected to be close to 100% for the next 12 months, but when someone you trust comes along, they tell you that it started, you were encouraged, you saw that it really It works, and on top of that you have the chance to consult your doubts with someone who knows, you go from having that thought of knowing that you should do something with the economic situation to acting in an accompanied way”, he comments.

The advice of vega They go in the same direction: find out, seek advice and encourage yourself. “The main recommendation that I would give to women who want to start investing is to be encouraged, since it is not necessary to be an expert to venture into financial issues. Today, there are several channels where you can find reliable information and learn in the process, in addition to the generally free advice that can be obtained simply by opening a principal account with a registered agent. The market offers many alternatives for different types of investment, and you can easily adapt it according to your needs and objectives”.

Source: Ambito

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