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the kilo of tea was made official at $20

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He Government of Misiones updated the price of tea to $20 per kilo in line with what they asked for producers by the increase in costs in recent months. So, tea was back to ten cents on the dollarwhich is considered a equilibrium price for production.

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is the fourth update after the last concert last August, when the price was set at 1$4.75. While waiting for the spread dollar announced by the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massawhich would relieve the industry, the productive sector received the good news that was already published in the Official bulletinspecifies the digital newspaper Economis.

In parallel, Fertilizer was subsidized for more than 2,500 producers and the electricity rate was subsidized by 30% for six months in 60 processing industries in the peak work months.

It is the fourth update of the price after the agreement in August, with an increase of 35% in relation to the initial price – and it can be updated again depending on the costs.

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70% of the tea produced in Misiones is exported to the cold tea market mainly to USA.

Misiones received the company’s visit for the first time Tee Gschwendnerone of the main importing and marketing companies craft from Germany.

This buys Premium quality tea from 80 countries with more than 200 stores in Europe. The objective is for the entity to know the producers so that they can position themselves in the European market.

In this way, the Directorate of Yerba Mate and Tea of ​​the Ministry of Agriculture and Productionorganized with the Gyokuro tea schoola visit to different enterprises, with the idea of ​​making tea producers visible and able to market special quality products.


In this sense, Tee Gschewendner showed his Satisfaction for knowing each one of the visitors. The international company highlighted the group work among entrepreneurs, the collective image and characterization of this product in Misiones for Facilitate entry into the European market.

National Production

The 70% that is produced in Misiones is exported to the cold tea market, mainly to the United States. The purpose of producing this type of artisan tea is that they have a different imprint, which is why Misiones produces a quality Premium product.

Source: Ambito

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