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Production ended: Manufacturer takes “Wrigley’s” completely off the market

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After customers had to accept the discontinuation of Punica and the ban on Mars products from Edeka stores, another loss follows.

German supermarket customers are currently having to live with many changes: not only the sharp rise in prices should cause many headaches, but also Edeka’s boycott of numerous products from the Mars group. And anyone looking for the popular Punica beverage brand will also be disappointed: it has been discontinued.

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Now there is another cut that should make many customers sad: The chewing gum brand Wrigley’s is disappearing from the shelves. In the 90s, advertising for the strip-shaped chewing gum was omnipresent, promising the (extra-long) fresh taste of freedom and the American attitude to life.

Wrigley’s: chewing gum classic disappears

But the chewing gum sticks in the distinctive packaging are no longer being produced, and only the remaining stocks are sold in supermarkets and kiosks. “Our range of chewing gum now only includes chewing gum dragees. Unfortunately, we can no longer offer you anything equivalent to the chewing gum sticks,” says the manufacturer. The reason is “declining developments”. The customers just didn’t buy enough anymore.

This is probably due to people’s ever-increasing health awareness: when it comes to chewing gum in particular, most people prefer to use sugar-free varieties that even promise dental care, rather than those that contain sugar, like Wrigley’s. It is unclear why this should mean the end of the strip shape for chewing gum. Incidentally, the “Juicy Fruit” chewing gum brand is also affected: it was previously produced by the same manufacturer and will be discontinued together with Wrigley’s.

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