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WWF prize for Pabneukirchner middle school

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The commitment of the Pabneukirchner middle school students was rewarded.
Image: MS Pabneukirchen
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Natural sciences and mathematics have been the focus at the middle school in Pabneukirchen for several years. This also includes project lessons with experiments and manual activities that are firmly anchored in the timetable. The knowledge they acquired was then put to perfect use by the pupils when they took part in a competition organized by “Team Panda”, the WWF’s children’s and youth club. What was required was an action for species protection.

Two teams were quickly formed, each of which set up their own lynx-related project. One group created a PowerPoint presentation while the second team created a concept for a wildlife scavenger hunt. Both groups also shot a video for their project.

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The numerous ideas of the students soon exceeded the time limit to drive the projects forward exclusively in the classroom. So it happened that the films were only finished on the last day of school before the semester break. Because the deadline for the project was set immediately after the holidays, there was no question that the children would meet their teacher at school during the holidays to complete the project. “We definitely wanted to help with the cutting,” say Anja and Claudia. Thanks to the commitment of the students and their teacher, the projects were submitted just in time for the submission deadline.

The effort should pay off: just a few days later it was clear that the middle school in Pabneukirchen could take home the main prize. Each child received a certificate and the school library gained a book. Will the kids rest on their laurels? “Of course not,” says Manuel. “Our next project is already in the starting blocks! We hatch chicks at the school.” After hatching, the animals will look forward to a species-appropriate life on the Pabneukirchner farm.

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