Non-automatic transfers to provinces grew 26.1% in February

Non-automatic transfers to provinces grew 26.1% in February
Non-automatic transfers to provinces grew 26.1% in February

The non-automatic transfers from the Nation to the provinces and the City of Buenos Aires amounted to $54,999.5 million in Februarywith a nominal year-on-year increase of 26.1%.

The information was released this Wednesday by the Politikon Chaco consultancy based on official data and represents a drop in real terms of 37.7%.

For his part, real domestic direct investment and capital transfers from the Nation to the provinces reached $14,098 million in Januarywith a nominal year-on-year decrease of 5.7%, according to the Argentine Association of Budget and Public Financial Administration (ASAP).

Unlike automatic transfers (Coparticipation, special laws and compensation for the Fiscal Consensus), non-automatic transfers do not have pre-established distribution criteria.



Non-automatic transfers

The province of Buenos Aires concentrated the higher volume of non-automatic shipments in February with $15,667 million (28.5% of the global distribution), followed by Chaco (6.8% with $3,733.7 million), Santa Fe (6.6% of the total with $3,617.8 million), CABA (6 .2% with $3,397.8 million) and La Rioja (6.1% with $3,365.8 million).

With levels of participation between 3% and 4.3% of the total Santiago del Estero, Córdoba, Entre Ríos, Tucumán and Salta were located; between 2% and 2.9% remained Formosa, Neuquén, Corrientes, Santa Cruz, Misiones, Mendoza and La Pampa.

Likewise, between 1% and 1.9% were located in San Juan, Río Negro, Jujuy, Catamarca, San Luis and Tierra del Fuego; and finally, with participation levels below 1%, Chubut scored.

National public investment

Regarding January, ASAP indicated that the city of Buenos Aires led the positions with $5,411 million, followed by the homonymous province with $2,941 million.

Anyway, many companies that have headquarters in these districts carry out the works in other provincesTherefore, an unspecified part of the indicated amounts may have other destinations.

ASAP specified, based on official data from the Integrated Financial Information System (Sidif), that within the average variation for the whole country “a large deviation by jurisdiction was verified”.

In CABA, San Luis, Misiones and Santiago del Estero there were year-on-year variations greater than 100%while transfers to Corrientes and Jujuy grew below inflation and in the rest the interannual variation of the transfers was negative.

Provincial transfers.jpg

Current and capital transfers to provinces and municipalities totaled $37.635 million, 20.3% more than the amount accrued in January 2022.

Current transfers increased 44.2% (equivalent to an additional $10,028 million) and capital transfers registered a 42.7% decrease ($3,674 million less than in January 2022).

Current transfers to provinces and municipalities totaled $32,710 million, and were allocated to education ($16,183 million), internal relations ($8,517 million), health ($3,931 million), social security ($3,270 million), promotion and social assistance ($302 million) and other functions ($508 million).

Distribution of real direct investment

In January of this year, the numbers are reflected in the following list:

  1. CABA: $5,411 million, with a year-on-year increase of 744.2%.
  2. Buenos Aires: $2,941 (-24%)
  3. Missions: $780 million (176.5%)
  4. Formosa: $692 million (-8.3%)
  5. Tucuman: $591 million (115.3%)
  6. Current: $407 million (24.4%)
  7. Entre Ríos: $394 million (-50.2%)
  8. Cordoba: $376 million (-75.7%)
  9. Santa Fe: $361 million (-58.1%)
  10. Chaco: $302 million (-58.7%)
  11. St. Louis: $274 million (327.4%)
  12. San Juan: $211 million (-24.8%)
  13. National: $179 million (188.9%)
  14. Jump: $164 million (-14.6%)
  15. Río Negro: $163 million (-10.1%)
  16. Neuquén: $148 million (-74.2%)
  17. Mendoza: $140 million (-40.6%)
  18. Tierra del Fuego: $124 million (78.9%)
  19. Santiago del Estero: $118 million (120.2%)
  20. Catamarca: $82 million (-69.8%)
  21. Santa Cruz: $60 million (-76.5%)
  22. Jujuy: $55 million (31.9%)
  23. La Pampa: $53 million (-82%)
  24. La Rioja: $47 million (-96.1%)
  25. Chubut: $23 million (-96.1%)
  26. Interprovincial: $2 million (830.8%)

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