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Women lead only 32% of export companies

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Uruguay XXI presented a study that compiled for the first time statistics on the gender gap in the country’s export sector.

The women are in charge of 32% of the companies that export goods of Uruguay and they own only 6.4%, according to a report by Economic Research Center (Cinve) for Uruguay XXI.

The investment, export and country image promotion agency Uruguay XXI presented the report “Economic importance of women in export activities in Uruguay”and the results revealed that there is still a long way to go in terms of gender equality in the highest positions of companies in the sector.

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The study was carried out with data collected by Cinve in 2019 and updated this year, and allows drawing for the first time with accurate statistics the gender gap within the Uruguayan export sector; Fundamental information for the promotion and assistance of these companies, and for the design of specific policies.

the vice president Beatriz Argimon, for his part, highlighted the relevance of the study. “One of the effects that we felt was most needed is to be able to see reality, quantify, know not only effectively how many women in the country export but also their items, their expectations, their growth possibilities,” he said, remarking that the ” gender cut” must be in all areas to balance the scale.

The main conclusions of the report

Among the main conclusions of the report, the fact that only 6.4% of exporting companies are property mostly women. Likewise, 9% have a majority of women in their directories and 12.8% have a majority of women in management positions.

In addition, a difference can also be seen between the companies that export goods and services: in the first case, women lead 32%, while in the second, they lead 26%.

“Another interesting result is that a marked difference is noted in the type of management that we occupy Women predominate much more in communication, quality, marketing, human resources management and, on the other hand, men in information technology, financial or operations, “explained the manager of ICompetitive Intelligence of Uruguay XXI, mariana ferreira.

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