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The blue and the financial dollars returned to operate on the rise

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The CCL climbed to $395.91 and the MEP advanced to $383.27 after touching its nominal record. The informal closed at $379.

The financial dollars regained strength yesterday and advanced to almost $6, with the Cash with “liqui” (CCL) approaching $400 and with the MEP breaking a new nominal record. It happened in the midst of the turbulence in foreign markets due to growing fears about the global situation of the banks and one day after the INDEC announced an acceleration of inflation to 6.6% per month during February.

Thus, the CCL -operated with the Global 2030 bond- rebounded $4.44 (1.1%) to $395.91. Thus, the gap with the wholesale exchange rate reached 95.5%. During Monday it had touched a new nominal intraday record of $400.41.

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Meanwhile, the MEP dollar -also traded with the Global 2030- rose $5.51 (1.5%) to $383.27, after touching $386.28 during the day, its intraday nominal maximum. Consequently, the spread with the official was located at 89.2%.

The increases in financial exchange rates occurred this Wednesday, before a new collapse in world markets, after the shares of the European bank Credit Suisse were about to lose a quarter of their value (they fell 24.4% ) after its largest shareholder said it could not provide further support.

For its part, the blue dollar rose $2 and was offered at $379 for sale, according to a survey by Ámbito en cuevas in the City of Buenos Aires. Consequently, the spread with the wholesaler settled at 87.1%.

Meanwhile, the Central Bank got rid of US$87 million yesterday, and added eight consecutive days of sales. In this way, so far this week it has already lost US$319 million in reserves due to its exchange intervention.

Source: Ambito

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