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Until when is there time to pay with a 20% discount?

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The tax calendar for the payment of the automobile tax has special discounts if it is paid before a certain date. I know what they are.

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The Collection Agency of the Province of Buenos Aires (ARBA) informed that the benefit of obtaining a 20% discount for those who pay the first installment and the annual balance of the car tax before the expiration date.

The patent will beat this March 21stand a specific group of taxpayers will be able to access the special discount.

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ARBA: how to access the 20% discount

The benefit is available to taxpayers who they pay on timeand thus obtain a 10% bonus in the amount to be paid, to which an additional 10% is added if receive the ticket by mail or use the system automatic debit.

To obtain the discount for adherence to the sending of the ballot by email, those interested can subscribe to the service through the Web pageand will be available at 48 hours of initiated.


How to pay the taxes?

Those who receive the ticket by mail can pay through the application ID account through QR code, scanning the received code by email. The code sent by ARBA will only be valid until expiration date of the fee to be paid.

For their part, those who prefer to pay digitally from the organization’s website You can pay your taxes with a credit card through home banking or through ATM after obtaining the code for electronic payment. Taxpayers who prefer to pay in a face-to-facethe payment mouths enabled by the companies are available Province Net Payments and rapipago.

Source: Ambito

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