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Monday, March 27, 2023

Shock in Hollywood: Lance Reddick, actor of John Wick and The Wire, died

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The star was found at his California home and is presumed to have died of natural causes. He already had presentations and future performances agreed.

Shock in Hollywood: Lance Reddick, actor of John Wick and The Wire, died

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hollywood is shocked by Death of actor Lance Reddick at age 60. The star was known for his participation in the series HBO’s The Wire and the franchise of john wick movies

police sources confirmed to TMZ that Reddick’s body was found this morning at his Studio City home, California, United States. Until now no cause of death has been given but the police forces indicate that apparently they would be natural causes.

Reddick was on a press tour for the premiere of the fourth part of john wick movies where he plays Charon. He was even scheduled to appear on the Kelly Clarkson’s TV show for next week.

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Last Wednesday he uploaded a video to his social networks where it showed that He was at his house instead of at the John Wick 4 premiere. In New York. Even so, He did not give reasons why he did not attend.

Before his time in John Wick, Reddick was known for playing Cedrick Daniels on the HBO series The Wire. He also had participations in series such as Fringe, Lost and Doctor Whoas well as the movies “Angel Has Fallen” and “Godzilla Vs. Kong”.

Even, andThe actor filmed his participation as the Greek god Zeus in the series of Disney+ of Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

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