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in demand of measures, the Agrarian Federation organizes a march to Ciudad

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The Argentine Agrarian Federation (FAA) anticipated this Saturday that he will hold a mobilization in the Buenos aires city to raise their “urgency, needs and demands” in the midst of the difficult situation of field by drought.

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The entity chaired by Carlos Achetoni plan one march that would leave from Rosariowith date to be defined next week.

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Before the historic drought and the absence of agricultural policies firm and concrete”, the agrarian federation decided to take their claims to the Pink Househe Ministry of Economy and the Congress.

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The intention of the FAA is to add to its pairs of the Liaison Table to give more strength to the claim: we will have to see what the domes of Argentine Rural Confederations (CRA)the Argentine Rural Society (SRA) and coninagro.

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After the Friday meeting of the Central Board of Directors of the FAAit was decided visit to the three nerve centers of power to gain greater visibility into your claims after “feeling helpless and desolate in the face of drought”.

“In the framework of a historic and pressing climate emergencywhich deepens every day and in the face of the constant absence of real help from the National state In order to save producers in check, it was decided to take the urgencies, needs and demands to the National Congressto the Ministry of Economy Yet the Goverment house“, says the statement.

In turn, they extend the invitation to accompany the measure to the small and medium producers from the country. “Once the date of the action is established, in the next few days, we intend to reach the representatives from different productions and regions of the country, so that all producers can join us to the different political and governmental levels”, closes the published text.

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In radio statements, the vice president of the agrarian federation, Marcelo Bianchipointed out that the measure was resolved because “the situation does not allow for more and the producer can’t go on like this without any concrete help from National governmentnor any respite from the AFIP and they are fundamental things that have been asked for too long”.

Drought and lower grain estimates

He field crosses one of the most important drought of the last 25 years and all forecasts indicate that it will continue to worsen. The Buenos Aires Grain Exchange released this last week the new production estimates of soybean and corn for the 2022/2023 cycle.

According to projections, the soybean crop is expected to be 25 million tonsa 42% drop with respect to the previous cycle and the lowest figure since the 2000/2001 campaign. In the same line, the Rosario Stock Exchange he had also lowered his estimates considerably in soybeans to 27 million tons.

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The Rosario Stock Exchange calculated that only in the crops of soybean, wheat and cornwhich constitute the 87% of grain production in Argentina and the 43% of the exports totals of the country, the losses exceed the US$14.140 million.

As reported by the entity, this is equivalent to the total cost of planting the next harvest 2023/24 for the agricultural producer. But the lower production also affects other associated activities. If we add the lower demand for freight, labor and financial services, the total losses for national economic activity reach US$19,000 million.


In early February, the Ministry of Economy had responded to certain requests and enabled revolving funds to get to small producers through agreements with the provinces, municipalities and cooperatives; suspended the advance income taxtax foreclosures and seizures of accounts; refinanced liabilities under the same conditions that the credits were granted; and extended new credit lines with subsidized rates.

Source: Ambito

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