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the average spending of a middle-class family exceeded $346,000 in February

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The most relevant increases were in meats and cleaning products. Within basic services, prepaid, ABL, mobile telephony and cable television and internet.

He Average spending of one Buenos Aires middle class family exceeded in February $346,500according to a survey of Consumer Services and Counseling Education Center (CESyAC). The most significant increases occurred in the meatsthe prepaidhe ABL and the Cleaning products.

In February the inflation recorded a variation of 6.6% per month and -in the year-on-year comparison- showed a rise of 102.5%. The item that increased the most was food and non-alcoholic beverages who went up a 9.8% monthly. On the other hand, the income of a typical family should have been in February of $177,063 for overcome the poverty line.

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According to the CESyAC, of ​​that total amount, $250,824.26the equivalent of 72%, are for the basic services for the home, while 28%, $95,761.71is to acquire mass consumption products.

The most relevant increases, according to the survey, within the category of massive consume were the meats (17.88%) and Cleaning products (6.78%). within the basic serviceswhat increased the most were the prepaid (8.21%), the ABL (5.60%), mobile phone (4%) and cable tv and internet (4%).

Inflation inflation Dairy Dairy CPI Super Prices

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This survey carried out by the CESyAC, together with the Buenos Aires leader Fernando Barreramonitors the prices of the food basket and services and includes the rental housingthe expenses of a 10 year old carthe payment of prepaid medicinethe share of a private school of two children and the family membership in a club.

It is with these relieved elements that the data that a family needed $11,552.87 per day to face the monthly expenses; $3,192.06 are to purchase products massive consume and $8,360.81 to hire the basic services of home.

Source: Ambito

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