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47% of businesses in tourist spots failed to comply with labor and safety and hygiene regulations

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The Buenos Aires Ministry of Labor reported this Saturday that within the framework of the operation carried out to verify the conditions in Labor and Health, Safety and Hygiene matters “47% of the stores visited were violated” in tourist destinations in the province of Buenos Aires.

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the operative “Buenos Aires Summer 2023”was made between December 15, 2022 and February 25 of the current by a body of 51 inspectors from the Provincial Directorate of Inspections and the Regional Delegations, who completed 6,201 minuteswhich represents 82% more than the previous summer, specified the labor portfolio of the province in a statement.

It was indicated that the task in charge of the Undersecretary of Inspectionconsisted of the survey of 1,938 establishments and reached a total of 21,310 workers and workers from 22 tourist locations of the province of Buenos Aires.

According to the survey, Mar del Plata, with 48%, culminated at the top of tally sheetsfollowed by Villa Gesell and Necochea (8% each), pinamar (7%) and Saint Bernard (5%).

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In this sense, it was reported that the inspections were carried out mainly in “Wholesale and retail businesses” (36%), “Food Services” (33%) and “Hotel and hostel accommodation services” (17%), sectors that show a higher level of activity during the summer season.

In relation to the minutes drawn up, they specified that 54% were related to work, while the remaining 46 percent were made on the conditions of Health and Safety at Work (SST).

Thus, of the total number of stores visited throughout the “Summer of Buenos Aires 2023”, 47% were violated for not being adequate to the regulations.

The report also details that according to the type of minutes drawn up, in labor matters 54% of the inspected sites complied with current legislation against 44% that were found to be in violation.

While with regard to the acts on OSH, the level of premises that were in order was higher (72%) compared to (26%) of those that were detected in violation.

In this way, from the labor portfolio they highlighted that “Verano Bonaerense 2023” allowed obtaining an x-ray of what are the most common offensesboth in labor matters and in health and safety at work.

Regarding the minutes with the focus on the laboroffenses related to salary payment receipts were the most common, with a 20.6%followed by those linked to timesheet (18%)Constance of payment of national holidays (16.3%), Constance of ART affiliation (15.3%) and early discharge of workers (15.2%).

Regarding the minutes that were drawn up by SST, 27.3% of the infringements detected were for the item “Grounding measurement protocol”followed by the “Inadequacy of work spaces due to ventilation, signage, emergency lights, etc..” (18.2%), “Adaptation of electrical installations” (16.7%), “Adaptation of fire extinguishers and fire extinguishers” (15.9%) and “Adequacy for provision of first aid” (8.7%).

Finally, they indicated that 16 times the minutes were made for obstruction of the inspection process, what constitutes an infringement.

Source: Ambito

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