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Silicón Misiones strengthens and hierarchizes the NEA

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At the opening, the governor Oscar Herrera Ahuad emphasized that this project places Misiones in the region as pioneer and powerhouse of the knowledge industrywhich grew by 70% in recent times.


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To accompany this development, the province announced grants up to $5 million for the companies that settle in the property that today became a new driver towards development. It is a historic date, said Herrera “because it positions Misiones as a power of knowledge economies that will work from the development of software to mobilize the economy that, they hope, in a few years will generate the highest foreign exchange income from exports” .

Misiones, among the fastest growing

Ahuad said that “the knowledge economy is a reality that moves practically 9% of Argentina’s GDP, and you know that the province of Misiones, in the knowledge economy and in employment in the software industry, is within the three provinces with the highest year-on-year percentage increase, reaching almost 70% growth in recent years without having Silicón Misiones”, he explained.

“Missiones clearly has the strategic vision of the added value of an exportable product at the level of the yerba mate, tea, wood, tobacco; The knowledge economy is intangible, it is an economy that is projected to what the human being can develop it, it is not like the traditional economy, which is measured, weighed, which has a limit, the knowledge economy has no limits for the growth in that strategic vision where the world is going, and Misiones is advanced because it creates this infrastructure,” he added.

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“Argentina recently generated laws and stimulus programs for the knowledge economy, but Misiones already has laws that establish solid foundations in this area, which is why we are in a position to announce that from this moment on, from the provincial government, we are going to put in the hands of all the companies that settle in Silicón Misiones the non-reimbursable contribution of up to $5 million so that projects can be developed,” he said.

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eighth economy

For his part, the president of the provincial legislature Carlos Rovirawhile, one of the promoters of these educational and innovation proposals that has been shown in recent years, spoke of the gravitation that Silicón Misiones will have in the region, from the public proposal that comes, he said, to bring out the best in the human being.

“It is a company of international level, built by missionaries, with the imprint of a global company” as defined in the main technological centers of the world. “It is real; made by missionaries for missionaries, built by missionary companies with workers and with missionary resources”, he highlighted.

“These types of public proposals are the vaccine and the antidote that Argentine politics needs”he defined, alluding to the fragmentation that politics exhibits throughout the country, because it fosters “the seed of empathy.”

The president of the House of Representatives and the Concord Renewal FrontCarlos Rovira, highlighted the economic and social reality of Misiones, its status as the eighth largest economy in Argentina and its differentiation from what is lived in the country. “The development of the knowledge economy, in all sectors of the Misiones economy and its foreseeable export in the medium term.”

biggest challenge

Rovira referred to Silicon as “the biggest challenge for a small province like ours; and today he publicly tweeted that a dream has come true, and let us also remember that this is part of the novelty, of innovation. A dream came true, and from now on another stage will surely begin”.

“We are in a position to grow in the knowledge economy by more than 30%. Today, in an Argentina in an inflationary crisis, in a world in international crisis, Misiones boasts the highest geographical gross product in all of northern Argentina.”he added.

The legislator pointed out that “it is absolutely open, horizontal, where even the curriculum is proposed by the interested parties, here there are no limits, we are going to interact with all the themes that it promotes and that are convenient for our province and all its actors, mainly those of the private sector”.

For our political thought there is no distinction between private and public activity Rather, we think about who is the main beneficiary of this center that the missionary state made with its resources,” he explained.

First province start up

Rovira explained that “this is the main portal that today welcomes the country’s first stuart up provinceThere is no space like this in the entire North of Argentina, only here, and this is the missionary model”.

“But all this was done with an Argentina that has its back to our province, and that situation that was born from the seed of our history, that had to wait for our hero, the one who defended this wonderful land, was not written by official historiography. , we wrote it, we raised it no more than 20 years ago to our first governor, Commander Andrés Guacurarí,” he said. And he added that “the missionaries did this and today it is part of our history for our effort, our vision and our commitment, to the big capital and quite far from the world, you must take into account that you have to fight against misunderstanding and against all obstacles”.

“The politician, every time a unique, disruptive issue is raised, has to use a spiritual and mental strength to endure misunderstanding and not fall into the crack. Here all these processes took place, from the initial closed opposition to the last one in which we are, and the concrete thing is that it should not generate in the promoters of the idea or in the executors, any means to deviate from that goal, and also not not fall, not in vanity and even less in the resentment of having to share, because that is the case even with family members who do not understand, “said Rovira.

“For society to win, it had to go through that stage of suffering and misunderstanding, of discredit, so that later, well, this is worth a thousand words -referring to the new Silicón Misiones building-, this is a sanctuary next to the sanctuary that we have, and that gives us this vibe”, he remarked.

“This is the most important intellectual sanctuary that today was erected in Argentinain an Argentina that for us looks like a fiction, as the Nation is, it is not something tangible, what is tangible here is missionaryismIt is this new sanctuary, which is going to form the head, it is going to incorporate, it is going to manage and it is going to lead the best vibe of the missionaries, so that the missionaries can be better”, he expressed.

innovation achievement

Meanwhile, the mayor of Posadas, Leonardo Stellato, said that “today we celebrate the achievement of innovation.”

Stellato expressed that Silicón Misiones will provide professional training to talentwill create new tools for industrial development, teach business-focused methods, develop computer programs, build research and development projects, implement state-of-the-art technological resources for local agriculture, and provide programming classes and access to video games.

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