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The controversial impacts that the advance of the technology It has a long history in our country. In recent times, concern about machines and the serious consequences of technological innovations on employment and working conditions.

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We live in a new world. Education, creativity, technological innovation, science and above all, human capital. These characteristics, typical of the 21st century, are what separate a prosperous country from one that is not or does not want to be. Our society must decide which side it wants to be on. Or, from social, educational, economic, labor prosperity or not making the leap to the new era.

Today developed countries or those that aspire to be, consolidate their social development in the culture of technological knowledgewhere values ​​such as education, work, justice are not insignificant details or qualities of the old politics, but rather you go through the vision of a prosperous country.

The wave of technological innovations has questioned the concept of traditional work and is committed to giving space to new forms and modalities of employment.

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Historical experience, however, has shown that these fears were unfounded, and that each wave of innovation has led to efficient gains in parallel with the creation of new workplaces and jobs.

This is the discussion that is opening now, in the second decade of the 21st century.

First, it discusses to what extent the advancement of technology and new innovations have a bias against low qualification, that is, they speak of easily substituting tasks that required a low degree of technicality or limited quality. However, we see the opposite effect, these technological changes exalt and enhance the tasks of higher qualification. For example, engineering and construction.

The fast pace of technological innovation interacts in many ways with organizational techniques within a company. Not only do they provide innovative and creative people with the means to adequately disseminate their ideas and projects, but they also contribute to the ranking of companies that are committed to an innovative future.

In the international framework, the ILO speaks of the “changing nature of jobs”, since the dynamism of Labor Law and the advancement of technologies mean that not only jobs are innovated, but also change working conditions.

These profound changes produce relationships with significant challenges. For example: robotics, which creates unlimited new frontiers and the best interaction between human activity and machines, while, at the same time, there is progress in areas such as nanotechnology or 3D printing that expand possibilities and expectations with unusual limits for the labor market and genuine employment.

We must not underestimate technology and we must not conceptualize it as a temporary phenomenon either. Technology and technological evolution re-emerged to stay.

The market and the classical economy must turn towards a new course, the same science, the knowledge economy, leaving the market the priority and the weight of mere technological changes.

We are in the presence of what some call the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, others “The work of the Future”, innovative synonyms that will forever change the way we see the world of work and the challenges of a new social dynamic with highly skilled jobs where new demands will appear with the capacity to give work to future generations.

Besides, It is important to encourage innovative behaviors, keeping up to date and thinking about the balance of work, promoting the interaction between the knowledge economy and the old classical economy.

As we see, the challenges of the labor market of the future are multiple, which is why we must think about public policies that allow us to move towards full employment, helping those who generate it and directing the training and growth of workers, entrepreneurs and private employment. .

Source: Ambito

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