Customs seized cocaine and Mdma valued at $10 million

Customs seized cocaine and Mdma valued at $10 million

The agency carried out inspections in General Pico, La Pampa, and then at the La Quiaca-Villazón International Border Crossing.


Specialized agents of the General Directorate of CustomsAFIPthey discovered drugs as cocaine and mdma in different parts of the country, valued at $10,000,000. They were in possession of citizens of foreign origin.

In General Peak, La Pampacustoms workers delayed a Renault Clio car occupied by two men of Dominican nationality that was heading towards the south of the country. pytaa dog of the Customsdetected the presence of narcotics.

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With a subsequent requisition thanks to the work of pytathe staff of the Customs found, among the internal panels of the vehicle, nothing less than 1.4 kilograms of MDMAwrapped in two nylon bags; two bricks of cocainewho threw a weight of 1,561 kilograms, and a 32 caliber revolver with five shells. The two men stayed arrested and available to the intervening magistrate.

According to General Directorate of Customsthe value of all seized products amounts to $9,000,000.

More detections at the La Quiaca-Villazón pass

staff of the Customs also detected a substance compatible with cocaine, after a couple from Peru submit your baggage to an exhaustive control in the La Quiaca-Villazón International Border Crossing.

The agency detailed the sequence that led to the arrest of the two travelers: “Customs inspectors observed a matching image with organic substances. Thus, they proceeded to an exhaustive control of the effects and detected the presence of a plastic bottle of small dimensions, without a label, which contained a white liquid and emanated a strong odor”.

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“Customs agents consulted Peruvian citizens about the contents of the bottle and the woman declared that it was an anti-flea product for dogs. However, the application of a few drops of the liquid from the bottle on a reactive handkerchief caused it to take on a blue coloration, a positive cocaine reaction“, he added.

Both people had criminal records and were arrested on instruction from the police. Jujuy Fiscal Unit. Customs filed a complaint for drug smuggling and resolved the seizure of the merchandise.

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