how many women work on the site

how many women work on the site

The women are present in 10% of all jobs currently used in the construction of the Nestor Kirchner pipelinewhere they play a wide range of roles and responsibilities throughout the 573 kilometers long of the work

The contractor companies indicated that the presence of women became effective in practically all functions that were required in the searches launched last yearprior to the start of the first works.


Argentine Energy

Women working at the Néstor Kirchner pipeline

Here are some of the stories present in the state production.

Ivana Carolina Valdez

From the Energía Argentina company, she is an environmental inspector and is in charge of the evaluation of procedures that are used in the work, according to the environmental protection regulationsuntil the final recomposition of the machinery circulation track once the pipeline was lowered and the trench was covered to return to its original state.

Lorraine Martinez

This worker, who belongs to a family that owns an area where the pipeline runs, performs workshop tasks in the workshops of line 1and his expectation is that the experience will allow him to complement the technical knowledge of the Technician in Environmental Managementhe, because at present He is in his third year of college in the pampean city of Catriel.

adnaloy lopez

Originally from Venezuela, she is a doctor who has lived in Argentina for seven years and moved to the Alto Valle area of ​​Rio Negro, from where she was summoned to take charge of the occupational Medicine Coverage, with attention of the eventual incidents or accidents that they could have workersas well as diseases, controls and health training campaigns.

Francisca Inzulza

He is dedicated to the Human Resources area. She is a student based in the Neuquén city of Centenario, and Since December, he has been in charge of documentary control for the loading of electronic platforms with the documentation of the operatorswhich allowed him to achieve a specific training which at the same time will allow you to add the experience as internship of his career.

Micaela Martinez

Another example of the presence of women in different functions is her. Degree in business administrationwhich participates as part of the company Techint in the area of Gas pipeline project managementand his expectation is to continue the training experience to specialize in the area of Cost Planning.

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