How much did the update of the prize by Mercado Pago pay for Marcos?

How much did the update of the prize by Mercado Pago pay for Marcos?

From the day the participants entered the house, the prize was invested so as not to lose against inflation and these were the yields generated.

the tv show Big Brother It ended. The participant Marcos Ginocchio won -among other awards- $19,441,132 in cash: $15 million -which was the original award- more $4,441,132which were the yields generated through Market Payment in the common investment fund managed and guarded by BINDin order not to lose against the inflation during the more than 160 days of isolation.

This was the result of the investment of the award for five months, from the October 17, 2022the day the participants entered the house.

Marcos Big Brother.jpg

Marcos Ginocchio.

This commercial action allowed to communicate the potency of the Common Investment Fund which is offered through Market Paymentmanaged and guarded by BIND, through which users can invest and have their money available 24×7. Launched in 2018, more than 6,600,000 users already invest through the virtual wallet. Thus, in the last month, the invested balances yielded TNA 63.8%.

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How to invest through Mercado Pago?

To invest it is not necessary to have a Bank accountyou just have to have balance on the account of Market Paymentclick the button “Invest” in the app, accept the terms and conditions, and start generating daily returns.

Unlike the fixed term, There are no amounts or minimum terms of permanence and the money invested is always available to be used at any time, either to buy with a QR code, pay in stores with the Mercado Pago prepaid card, make transfers to a bank or digital account, recharge the SUBE, pay for services, among others.

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