There are some public companies to close

There are some public companies to close

The economist Carlos Melconian starred in a conference where he exposed a package of measures to “give a horizon of predictability” to Argentina.

Photo: Twitter Carlos Melconian.

former president of National Bank during macrismo, Carlos Melconian continues to be one of the voices with the greatest reach when it comes to giving an opinion on economic policy. Positioned in opposition to the current management, although he has expressed his support for some decisions of the national government, he outlined a series of proposals in days of talks held at the Buenos Aires Chamber of Commerce.

Melconian was one of the speakers at the conference”Governance challenges in Argentina“, organized by IInstitute for Studies on Argentine Reality (IERAL) -that the economist presides over- of the Mediterranean Foundation. She shared the talk with Ricardo Lorenzettimember of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.

“There is three transitions of this Government with the next that are important: the first is the laundering of the situation what happens now, the second after augustwhen the results are known and the third when he assumes the next President“, Melconian pointed out and pointed out that these stages would allow the “reorganization in the macro” to “give a horizon of predictability” to Argentina. In this sense, he remarked that “patriotism and coexistence will be neededcooperation between those who enter and those who leave”.

Within this framework, the economist proposed three steps for a stabilization plan: “results, institutions and governability”. “It is inevitable macroeconomic rearrangement that prepares the ground for a stabilization plan”, he considered and added that “it is required massive doses of institutionality so that costs are intergenerational.” “The contempt of the institutionality and its degradation has been one of the biggest culprits for the economic deterioration”, he interpreted.


Melconian stressed that “it is necessary to eradicate the fiscal deficit“. To do this, he pointed against the state companies and praised the privatization process carried out during the government of Carlos Menem: There are some companies to close, others to reorganize and others to privatize. It is in the process of evaluation.

Finally, he referred to the welfare programs, understanding that it is necessary to “rethink assistance, redesign it, focus it directly on families.” “The results are going to legitimize the institutional reforms, let’s eradicate shock and gradualismwe are not here to announce bombs or imminent catastrophes,” he concluded.

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