Formosa set the reference prices for raw cotton

Formosa set the reference prices for raw cotton

The Formosa government set the reference prices for raw cotton for the 2022/23 production cycle and enabled the ironing facilities to receive it at the gins located in the towns of Villa Dos Trece and General.

In a statement, the province’s Undersecretary of Communication indicated that the price established for Type I raw cotton was set at $165,000, for Type II at $162,000 and for Type III at $118,000.

Likewise, it was reported that the ironing facilities were enabled to receive raw cotton in the gins of Villa Dos Trece and General Belgrano from producers who began the harvest.

The Minister of Production and Environment, Alejandro García, said that “Formosa once again distinguishes itself by setting a benchmark with outstanding prices in terms of the value of raw cotton. This situation clearly marks the accompaniment with active productive policies for the benefit of the work of the farmers. producers”.

“Taking into account the climatic context and despite the difficult situation that the region went through, today most of the cottons are in good condition,” he explained.

With the reference values ​​and the official operational gins, “the accompaniment of the agricultural producers of our province is sustained, another example of equal opportunity and territorial equity that has been carried out since 2004.”

He added that “this situation was due to the correct choice of the materials made available for planting by the producers, the choice of planting dates, among other technical aspects. In addition to registering rainfall at opportune moments, which without doubts is reflected in each batch of the producers”.

Cotton cultivation was consolidated in the different strata of mechanized producers, who complement the activity with other productive systems.

The provincial government maintains support for the productive sector with the application of technological packages, which demonstrate a strategy based on having modified the textile cultivation system, making available professionals who provide producers with advice to achieve the best results than seeds. can generate.

“These are registered cotton producers, to whom the provincial government, through the Ministry of Production and Environment, delivered certified and audited seeds, the best on the market,” it was reported.

Source: Ambito

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