Research: fact check: heat pump only with underfloor heating?

Research: fact check: heat pump only with underfloor heating?

Can a modern heat pump only be installed if there is also underfloor heating? This claim persists online, but it is false and fuels distrust. A fact check.

The federal government relies on new technologies such as the heat pump for heating. This is intended to protect the climate and reduce dependence on energy imports. Critics claim on social networks that heat pumps do not work with old radiators. Can this be?

Claim: The installation of a modern heat pump is usually only successful if there is also underfloor heating.

Rating: Wrong

Facts: Experts agree that heat pumps can also heat a house or apartment without special heating coils in the floor. This also applies to old buildings, which do not necessarily have to be extensively converted.

The heat pump manufacturer Bosch, for example, confirms: “It is not absolutely necessary to combine a heat pump with underfloor heating.” The Munich heating specialist Schramm also explains online: “The heat pump in the old building is a good choice with or without underfloor heating.” A new heat pump in an old building with radiators is also “significantly cheaper” than retrofitting underfloor heating.

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