Customs discovered that a man had 6 liters of pig semen in his luggage and seized it

Customs discovered that a man had 6 liters of pig semen in his luggage and seized it

The merchandise was divided into 60 sachets hidden under clothing. Its export requires the endorsement of SENASA.


Specialized agents of the General Directorate of Customs-AFIP bet on the Gualeguaychú – Fray Bentos International Border Crossing discovered, during a baggage check, that a uruguayan citizen I was trying to get out of Argentina with 6 liters of boar semen hidden in a suitcase.

The unusual discovery occurred when a van Volkswagen Saveiro with Uruguayan registration was presented at the Integrated Control Area of ​​the General San Martín International Bridge to leave the country.



The guardian of the Customs he asked the driver of the vehicle, a Uruguayan citizen, if he had anything to declare, to which he replied negatively. When proceeding to control the luggage, the customs inspector opened a suitcase that, at first glance, seemed to contain clothes. However, the suitcase had a lining, generally used to store shoes: when touching it, the Customs inspector felt something strange.

At that moment, he noticed that the tourist got nervous and asked him what he had there. Immediately, the man confessed that he contained pig semen: indeed, when emptying the contents of the suitcase, they found 60 sachetseach one with 100ml of said substance, totaling 6 liters.



Thus, within the framework of article 979 of the Custom codethe guard proceeded to seizure of merchandisewhich is not supported by the baggage allowance. Precisely, the export of animal reproductive material requires the presentation of the International Veterinary Certificate (CVI)issued by the SENASA.

Likewise, it is estimated that the value of the infringing merchandise is around $100 thousandwhich is why, anyway, he was in excess excess contemplated for departures by land, of $300. In addition, it is presumed that the man residing in Montevideo had acquired boar semen in the form irregularsince he could not exhibit due purchase invoice. As he stated, she is dedicated to pig farmingwhich would explain his interest in the merchandise in question.

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