sales of more than $2.5 billion on the first day

sales of more than $2.5 billion on the first day

He Hot Sale 2023 started with everything and on the first day a sales record was registered with more than $2,500 million. He Average ticket it is above year-on-year inflation, reflecting higher consumption despite the economic situation.

For consumer analysts, this has a logical and emotional explanation. Without the possibility of saving, pesos “burn” and it is better to spend them before they lose value. And since the Hot Sale is characterized by financing, it is an opportunity to buy and pay for the long term.

The Hot Sale 2023 began at 0 on Sunday and will last until midnight next Wednesday, with the participation of more than 900 brands.

Tiendanube, the leading e-commerce unicorn platform in Latin America, shares the turnover achieved by Argentine companies that choose its technology to sell and develop their business online. At the end of the first day of Hot Sale, these were the results:

  • Total billed: $2,504,848,174
  • Average ticket: $20,775
  • Total sales: 120,570
  • Product sold per minute: 207

In contrast to the results of the first 24 hours of the Hot Sale 2022, a 96% growth in billing of the cloud stores participating in the event, with 207 products sold per minute, 3 out of 10 carts started were converted into actual purchases and a generated 113% increase in average ticket.

Regarding the payment methods chosen by the buyers of the first 24 hours, the 68% of sales were paid by credit card. Among the financing alternatives, the leading payments in 1 installment with 58% of the transactions and 3 installments with 21% of the orders made. He average discount on day 1 was 25% and 2×1 prevails over 3×2 and other volume discounts with +51% of orders with this type of discount.

“At Tiendanube we close the first day of Hot Sale with results that once again reinforce the growth of electronic commerce in the country, and the growing confidence of Argentine consumers who await these events in search of offers and benefits. In just the first day HE sold 75% of the total products sold in the Hot Sale of the previous edition”, analyzes Franco RadaveroCountry Manager of Tiendanube Argentina.

Cloud stores registered 3 strong sales peaks on this first day of the Hot Sale 2023: the most pronounced was given to the Monday morningat the official start of the event with +6570 transactions occurring simultaneously in cloud stores. The second highest traffic peak was at 12 noon on Monday, with +6640 orders that it surpassed at the start of the event. He third It was already late at night on the 1st at 9:00 p.m. with +5500 orders.

Sales by segment

  • Dress: represents the 61% of total sales, with an average ticket of $22,852
  • Deco and Home: represents the 8% of sales, with an average ticket of $37,592
  • Health & Beauty: represents the 7% of sales, with an average ticket of $12,236
  • Bookstore, Art and Education: represents the 2% of sales, with an average ticket $12,781
  • Food and drinks: represents the 2% of sales, with an average ticket of $13,604
  • Electronics and Technology: represents the 1% of sales, with an average ticket of $25,330
  • Other segments: represents the twenty% of sales, with an average ticket of $18,312(includes gifts, toys, sports, pets, digital, industrial, services, erotic, equipment machines, office supplies, travel, cars, antiques, music and movies)

Buyer profile

From which places do they buy?

  • CABA and GBA 53.0%
  • Buenos Aires province 13.8%
  • Cordova 8.0%
  • Santa Fe 6.8%
  • Rest of the country 18.4%

And from which devices do they buy?

  • Mobile devices 68.7%
  • PC/Desktop 31.3%

Juan Manuel Almeida, Marketing Manager of Cetrogar, commented that “the first morning of the Hot Sale started with everything. Sales in the first 12 hours of the event exceeded our expectations.” The most chosen in that store is Smart TVs, washing machines, heaters and cell phones.

“In the first hours of this edition of the Hot Sale, we achieved the billing equivalent to 4 normal days in e-commerce. Regarding purchase channels, our App is the great protagonist, with a share of 49% while on our site 26% and on mobile 25%. Thanks to the more than 25,000 products sold, just in the first hours of the event, we are already having an impact through the donation of books to a public elementary school”. Assures Santiago Del Giudice, Manager of Digital Commerce, Retail and Growth of Natura Argentina.

Source: Ambito

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