AFIP enables tax relief for SMEs and debt forgiveness for State agencies

AFIP enables tax relief for SMEs and debt forgiveness for State agencies

This is a measure approved in the 2023 Budget. It benefits agencies of the national State, provinces and municipalities. He also activated the payment plan for companies.

The Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) regulated a cancellation of tax debts that benefits the State agencies themselves. It is a benefit approved in the 2023 Budget. Article 95 of the regulation provides for the great forgiveness of tax debts for dependencies of the national state, provinces and municipalities.

enter “intra-state” debts until October 2022, those who will be forgiven. Excluded from the benefit are the contributions and the contributions destined to the National Scheme of Social Works and the quotas destined to the Occupational Risk Insurers. The norm that was published in the Official Gazette indicates that the different dependencies will have time until August 31 to request the benefit that includes punitive and compensatory interest.

On the other hand, Carlos Castagneto already signed the corresponding general resolution that sets in motion the payment facilities plan for small and medium-sized companies.


“In the framework of the economic measures announced by the National Executive Power, it is estimated that it is appropriate to implement new payment facilities plans that allow regularizing tax, customs and social security resource obligations due until April 30, 2023, inclusive. , without this implying the total or partial reduction of the compensatory and/or punitive interest or the release of the pertinent sanctions.” indicates the standard that will be published in the Official Gazette this Wednesday. Adherence to the regime It can be done until September 29, inclusive.

The stock of debt to regularize is estimated to reach $456,063 million. The measure favors 656,121 taxpayers, of which 48.1% are Micro and Small Companies, 11.5% are Medium Tranche I and 31.2% are Small Taxpayers and Monotributors.

Micro and small businesses may request plans of between 12 and 84 installments depending on the type of debt and the financing rate will be 3.55%. The median tranche 1 between 6 and 48 installments, and the rate will be 4.73%. The rest of the companies will be able to access between 3 and 36 quotas with a rate of 5.71%. These are fixed rates, so with inflation growing at 8% per month, the amounts will gradually liquefy. An important issue is that no company will be able to carry out cash operations with liquidation since, if they do, the plans will be declared expired.

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