Basement stage Puchheim mourns the loss of its founder

Basement stage Puchheim mourns the loss of its founder
Werner Boehm
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The Kellerbühne Puchheim mourns the loss of one of its oldest and most important founding members: Werner Böhm died at the age of 81.

Even before the basement stage was founded in 1965, the substructure of the basilica was used for performances – above all by Werner Böhm, who was chairman of the basement stage from 1985 to 1997 after the association was founded. The creative spirit has directed 50 productions, designed and built sets. In 1985 the smallest revolving stage in Austria was built under his leadership, in 1971 he also drew for the first Upper Austria. street theater responsible.

“Honour where credit is due” was one of his favorite phrases. So he also considered the smallest supporting roles with appreciation. “The greatest honor is due to him, Werner Böhm, for whom family always came first, but without whom the basement stage would not exist,” says the obituary of the basement stage Puchheim.

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