began the political trial against Lasso and assured his total and unquestionable innocence

began the political trial against Lasso and assured his total and unquestionable innocence

While popular discontent over the economic situation grows and drug violence grows day by day, the left bloc aims to regain strength at the hands of its leader, former president Rafael Correa, fugitive in Europe and sentenced to eight years in prison.

“There is no evidence or relevant testimonies. Rather all there are information that proves my total, evident and unquestionable innocence“Lasso defended himself in his speech of almost an hour in the Quito hemicycle.

The process against the President began today in the National Assembly in the presence of 109 of its 137 members for alleged embezzlement in the management of the state shipping company Flota Petrolera Ecuatoriana (Flopec).

According to the complaints, Lasso decided to continue with a contract that was signed before he took office, despite reports that it was detrimental to the state.

The contract for the transportation of crude oil with the international group Amazonas Tanker left losses of more than 6 million dollars. Lasso is prosecuted for a crime in ordinary justice and assured that he filed a complaint with the Prosecutor’s Office in 2022 to investigate the case.

“I am very sorry that the fragile house of cards that you built for five monthsthey had no choice but to settle for the weakest card,” said the 67-year-old president, before leaving the Assembly supported by his supporters.

Several hundred people gathered peacefully around Parliament, which was cordoned off by police. Through giant screens, some follow the impeachment trial, which has gone into recess.

The followers of the ruler waved Ecuadorian flags, shouted against the assembly members and carried signs with slogans such as “Long live democracy!” and “We defend democracy and peace.”

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