Consumers: Energy price flat rate: 22,600 pensioners are waiting for payment

Consumers: Energy price flat rate: 22,600 pensioners are waiting for payment

If the lump sum was not automatically transferred, an application must be submitted. This is checked thoroughly, because sometimes the payment was overlooked. This can lead to waiting times.

In some cases there are waiting times when the energy price flat rate of 300 euros for pensioners is paid out, which was usually automatically transferred around the turn of the year. The Deutsche Rentenversicherung Knappschaft-Bahn-See (KBS), which is responsible for pensioners nationwide, received 38,500 applications by mid-May. Of these, 22,600 have not yet been finalized, said a spokeswoman for the social security agency in Bochum.

You have to “check each individual case, compare the data and correspond with other institutions, so that unfortunately there are waiting times. For this reason, we are currently asking the applicants to be patient”. The “world” had previously reported about it.

It’s about a very small group of pensioners who live in Germany and are liable to pay taxes, but receive a pension from another EU country – they often live in the border area. You have to apply for the payment, the deadline for this expires at the end of June.

Those who receive their pension from Germany received the flat-rate energy price transfer in December or January. According to the KBS, that was around 20 million people. If this was not the case and something went wrong, the persons concerned must submit an application for retrospective transfer.

In relation to all pensioners in Germany, the number of applications from EU pensioners and people who complain about an outstanding payment is low: of the 15,900 applications that were finally processed, 7150 were rejected and the rest approved, according to the social security agency . The refusal was often because the payment had already been made but had been overlooked by the seniors.

With the lump sum, the state wanted to mitigate the consequences of the sharp increase in energy costs.

Source: Stern

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