AFIP detected 100% of labor irregularities in the horse training field

AFIP detected 100% of labor irregularities in the horse training field

The Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) reported that it detected 100% of labor irregularities in a facility dedicated to preparation and training of horses for horse riding, located in the Merlo district of Buenos Aires.

The head of Social Security of the AFIP, Mara Ruiz Malec remarked that, “Through these control actions that we carry out, we seek to incorporate workers into the formal system and generate awareness in society that implies improving the working conditions of employees.”

During the operation, the officials of the agency carried out a survey of the personnel who carried out maintenance tasks and special care for the animals, such as carrying out feeding plans, personalized training and care in general.

Faced with this situation, The AFIP ordered the payment of the contributions omitted by the taxpayer and will apply the corresponding fine, while the precarious workers must be registered by the establishment.

This procedure is part of the agency’s actions to inform workers about the right to access benefits linked to their correct labor registration.

On the other hand, the AFIP inaugurated a reception in the Salta city of Cafayate, which will be open to the public from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., within the framework of the plan to start up 22 of these units throughout the interior of the country.

The new headquarters of the organization will allow the citizens of the town to carry out various procedures in person, such as the management and laundering of the tax code, or the updating and correction of registry data, among others.

Likewise, the project responds to “a historic demand from the community, jointly channeled by the municipal authorities and the Professional Council of Economic Sciences, which has gained momentum since Castagneto took over as head of the organization,” added AFIP.

This reception is added to those that the agency recently inaugurated in Mercedes, Puerto Iguazú, Colón, El Calafate and Marcos Paz.

Source: Ambito

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