how to take better advantage of credit on the XXL holiday

how to take better advantage of credit on the XXL holiday

Tourists will have 50% refunds on the purchases they made of products and services. The maximum amount is 70 thousand pesos in favor.

Many Argentine tourists joined the program Pre-Trip 4 starting this weekend XXL of May 25 and have a special card issued by the National Bank what’s wrong with it 50% refunds in the purchases they made of tourist products and services with a maximum amount of 70 thousand pesos in favor.

This credited money can be used from this long weekend until October 31 of this year. It is not necessary for tourist providers to be adhered to the Pre-Travel program for travelers to be able to use the credit: they simply have to accept BNA+ or BNA Mode.

PreTrip 4 credit can be spent on:

  • Transportation: coastal air, long-distance land and excursion services and/or transfer of special trains and lake, fluvial and maritime excursion services for tourism purposes, automotive passenger transport services for tourism, equipment rental services ground transportation without operation or crew and their respective terminal exploitation services;
  • Excursions: Excursions and/or transfers of special trains for tourist purposes. Lake excursions for tourist purposes.
  • River excursions for tourist purposes. Maritime excursions for tourist purposes. Automotive passenger transport for tourism.
  • Gastronomy: cafes, bars and sweet shops, restaurants, canteens, restaurants and canteens with shows, restaurant services and canteens with shows.

According to the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, PreTravel 4 will inject $15,043 million into the regional economies of the entire country during the extra-long long weekend in May, with the mobilization of 224,000 tourists who will benefit from this program.

In addition, the study estimates that more than a million tourists accessed the program to travel between May 24 and June 30, a time of the year that historically has less tourist activity. Of that figure, 20% of trips correspond to PAMI affiliates.

Source: Ambito

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