Jorge Almirón, after the fall of Boca: “This defeat will leave us lessons”

Jorge Almirón, after the fall of Boca: “This defeat will leave us lessons”

Jorge Almirón tried to remain calm at the press conference he gave in Colombia, and highlighted his team despite Boca’s 1-0 loss to Deportivo Pereira in the Copa Libertadores.

The coach of Mouth, Jorge Almirondeclared last night at a press conference that “this defeat will leave lessons”after the fall of his team 1 to 0 visitor before Sports Pereira for the fourth date of group F of the Libertadores Cup.

“We were better than them, we lost the ball in a play on offense and then came the penalty that our goalkeeper was able to save in a very good way. It was difficult for us to settle after the saved penalty. This will surely teach us a lot”said the technician.

When asked if the team makes mistakes in the passing game, he said that I didn’t see “weaknesses” In that aspect. “They haven’t scored headed goals until now, we had to take marks”stated almiron.

“The game we thought happened. In some areas when they were going to press, Villa, Briasco and Bendetto were hand in hand and we didn’t take advantage of it, there was no precision. The changes were not tactical, but rather physical. We lacked half forward”hill.

What did he say Weigandt about the goal?

By his side he Marcelo Weigandt justified having stayed in the center that he connected with his head angelo rodriguezthe figure of the party, to declare the victory by 1 to 0.

“It was a play where the penalty was executed and then they played quickly and it took us a while to settle in. The coach will review it this week and correct it”he pointed.

Mouth traveled last night on a charter flight for the Argentina and today he will begin to prepare the match that next Sunday from 9:00 p.m. he will play against Tiger, local, on the 18th. date of Professional League.

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