how much do you earn in june with increase, bonus and holidays

how much do you earn in june with increase, bonus and holidays

In the June 2023 salaries of commerce employees increases and a fixed sum will be activated, in addition to extras for May holidays and the bonus half year

The last joint agreement of the trade union established a 19.5% remunerative increase, which will be paid in three remunerative tranches:

  • 6.5% in April 2023, already incorporated
  • 6.5% in May 2023 which is incorporated now
  • 6.5% in June 2023

Commercial employees: new basic salary to be collected in June

With the new increase, the basic salary of a commercial employee will be around $200,000 and will be close to -or exceed in the case of adding extras- $300,000

Quarterly Equal Salary Scale2023FAECYS130-75.pdf

How the May holidays are incorporated into the trade salary

In May there were three holidays and they are charged even if they do not work

  • 1 Labor Day
  • 25 May Revolution Day
  • 26 Holiday for tourist purposes

National holidays are paid days whether you work or not.

Fixed sum for business employees

In addition, the second installment of the non-remunerative sum of $25,000 which was paid in two installments, the first in April and the second in May 2023.

Bonus for business employees

Meanwhile, all registered workers receive in June the Complementary Anal Salary (SAC)also know as bonuswhich is an additional remuneration that is paid in two parts: the first half is delivered in June and the other half in December. In this way, you are compensated for the work during that period.

The bonus is usually a sum equivalent to half of the best salary in the semester.

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