Paso Severino has 18 days of potable water left

Paso Severino has 18 days of potable water left

If current conditions continue, the reserves in the dam will not even be enough for June. Meanwhile, the government is still waiting for the desalination plants.

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The National Administration of State Sanitary Works (OSE) continues in its daily fight for the water crisis that affects the Uruguayan metropolitan area, where the rains last week helped but were not enough to solve the deficit. Meanwhile, the government is still waiting for some of the three desalination plants to be up and running to alleviate the critical situation.

Last week’s rains allowed the Santa Lucia basin to obtain 45 millimeters of water. However, this was not enough to increase the amount of water in the reserves, but was enough only for, at least, the Severino Pass dam keep its level stable.

In the current context of the reservoir, with a capacity of 4,260,000 cubic meters of water and current salinity levels, the population –which uses 230,000 cubic meters per day– has 18 days of drinking water in the event that it does not rain or that water cannot be obtained from other sources that may increase the flow of the Santa Lucía River.

However, in the event that salinity is lower and only fresh water from the dam is used –which would mean a consumption of 531,000 cubic meters–, the metropolitan area He would only have 8 days left.

Waiting for desalination plants

One of the government measures in response to the water crisis was the acquisition of three desalination plants, one on loan from UPManother for joint venture and the one bought by the UTEC To united states. The first one is still in the uninstallation process and is intended to be installed in the next few days.

The second, which would provide 4,000 cubic meters per day supplying 400,000 people, and which is located in Punta del Tigre, is still not working. This plant will require the distribution of water in tanker trucks that will be packaged in sachets of one liter or OSE distribution tanks.

Finally, the desalination plant obtained by UTEC in Houston, United States, she is stranded in the North American country since she did not enter the plane sent by the Uruguayan government to look for her. According to the authorities, the machinery would be arriving in the next few days.

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