Authorize the increases to Edenor and Edesur

Authorize the increases to Edenor and Edesur

He National Energy Regulatory Entity (ENRE) approved the new rate charts to be applied from midnight on June 1 for the residential users level 1, 2 and 3 by the distribution companies of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA) edenor and Edesur, through resolutions 423/2023 and 424/2023 published in the Official Gazette.

They also include neighborhood and town clubs.

How much will the light rise in the AMBA?

For level 1, the one with the highest income, the average increase will be 36%; for level 3, medium income, it will be 24%; and at level 2, lower-income users, there will be no increases.

In relation to the table in force until today, the average tariff for the residential category level 1 increases by an average of 11% in both distributors, but for general G1 users the increase is 41% in Edenor and 38% in Edesur, for G2 is 32% and 29% respectively, and for G3 it is 27% and 24%.

On the other hand, the bills of T2 users increase an average of 26% in Edenor and 22% in Edesur; those of the low and medium voltage T3 do so between 23% and 13% in the northern zone of the AMBA and between 20% and 9% in the southern zone.

Edenor Bill Edesur Energía ENRE Light Rate Increase

Mariano Fuchila

The Large Users of the Distributor (Gudis), with demands greater than 300 kilowatts (kW) increased by 12% in low voltage in both distributors, and in medium voltage by 6% in Edenor and 5% in Edesur.

Average pre-tax bills increase on average by 36% at the two companies.

The ENRE stressed that “level 2 users would pay an average of 64% less than those of level 1, in the case of Edenor, and 63% less in the case of Edesur.”

In addition, he pointed out that “for Public Good Entities and for the calculation of the social rate, they must take into account the rate chart that corresponds to level 2.”

Energy Taxes.jpg

In the case of level 3, with respect to the current table, the average increase will be 24%, in both distributors.

Thus, these users, up to R4, would pay an average of 66% less than those of level 1, this percentage decreasing as consumption increases until reaching an average of 11%.

The resolution also specified that, with these new tables, Edenor’s average rate is in the order of $21,855 per kWh, and Edesur’s is $21,379.

Source: Ambito

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