They trust that the law on the debt ceiling will come out

They trust that the law on the debt ceiling will come out

This Wednesday the project presented by Republicans and Democrats regarding the debt ceiling in the United States will be debated. And the speaker of the House of Representatives was optimistic.

The United States tries to solve the problem of its debt ceiling, the legal limit established by the United States Congress for issue to finance their expenses, and is expected this thursday June 1 be a key date in that sense. It will be essential that the Democratic and Republican parties reach an agreement this Wednesday, when the proposal of both sectors will be voted on. Although the process has been difficult, it seems that an agreement is going to be reached.

“He bipartisan debt ceiling bill to become law“U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said Wednesday, hours before a highly anticipated vote on the measure.

If approved, it would then go to the Senate for a vote. “It’s going to become law,” McCarthy told reporters.

Analysts point out that, in the event that the United States defaultit would be a totally disruptive event of great power, but there is a very low probability of it happening.

And it is that there are many intermediate exits before. Can extend the roof temporarily, a tax package can be made, coins can be minted and it ends up being resolved with issuance, titles can be issued without capital.

The most likely seems to be that it will temporarily extend for a few months.

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