Solar and hydropower: the first energy cooperative in Wels-Land is launched

Solar and hydropower: the first energy cooperative in Wels-Land is launched
The Board of Directors of the Renewable Energy Community
Image: Energy community Traun-Ager-Alm

CATFISH COUNTRY. With participation in renewable energy communities (EEG), everyone can become part of the energy transition. The first energy cooperative called “Traun-Ager-Alm” was launched in Wels-Land, a regional association of citizens, companies, farmers and communities. The aim is to generate renewable energy at fair prices – the working price should be kept ten percent below the usual market price. The network fee is reduced by 28 percent.

PV with citizen participation

The start is planned for autumn. Investments are made jointly in projects for renewable energy such as our own photovoltaic systems, which are set up with citizen participation. Electricity from small hydroelectric power plants should also be used. In any case, the regional energy supply should be strengthened and expanded, says chairman Gerhard Baumgartner from Steinerkirchen. The board consists of eight people.

The new EEG covers the region around the Lambach substation: the communities of Bachmanning, Eberstalzell, Edt, Fischlham, Lambach, Neukirchen, Offenhausen, Stadl-Paura and Steinerkirchen. Anyone who opts for the EEG will receive 100 percent regional green electricity, which will be between 40 and 80 percent of their electricity needs, and everyone will keep their previous electricity supplier as a basic security.

Funding comes from the LEADER region of Wels-Land, which also includes “energy monitoring” with the aim of analyzing potential savings in municipal systems such as street lighting or municipal buildings and taking measures to save electricity.

The new EEG invites interested parties to become members of the cooperative and to participate as PV feeders or consumers for the start from autumn. Information events on participation opportunities are also planned in the region. (krai)

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