Energy: Eon announces price cuts for electricity and natural gas

Energy: Eon announces price cuts for electricity and natural gas

The world market prices for gas and electricity are falling. The Essen-based energy giant Eon wants its customers to benefit from this in the fall.

After significant price increases in recent months, Germany’s largest energy supplier Eon wants to lower electricity and gas prices again on September 1st. Millions of customers should benefit, as the company announced on Wednesday in Munich.

The electricity prices in the basic supply should fall by an average of 18 percent and the gas prices in the basic supply by an average of 28 percent. Eon customers with special contracts could also expect falling prices overall, it said. Eon supplies 12 million households in Germany with electricity and a good 2 million households with natural gas.

Eon is thereby redeeming its promise to use the scope for price reductions as soon as it is given, explained Sales Director Filip Thon. “Our customers benefited from our long-term purchasing strategy, especially at the height of the energy crisis – we were able to cushion historically high market prices for a long time.” In the past few months, Eon had increased electricity and gas prices, in some cases significantly.

Customers do not have to do anything for the price reduction. Eon wants to provide details several weeks in advance.

Source: Stern

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