union initiates strike and asks employers to use the exchange rate at $300

union initiates strike and asks employers to use the exchange rate at $300

Fishing unions of Mar del Plata began a measure of force to prevent the departure of freezer ships due to bad settlement of assets. According to the unions, when paying for production, companies take the official dollar price as a reference and not that of the differentiated exchange rate for regional economies, as set by the government.

The protest only affects the freezer fleet, because the companies in the sector liquidate the tide once it is over and some ships have done so in recent days; However, next week the same could happen with the freshwater fleet, when the salaries for May are confirmed.

In the last hours, different assemblies were held with the crews of the Moscuzza, Solimeno and Newsan ships, which were led by representatives of the SIMAPE, SOMU and the Captains Association unions.

The leaders explained that the companies must settle at the value of the export dollar, set at $300 pesos, and until that happens the ships would remain moored to the dock, according to the portal Revista Puerto.

“It is not a strike but a delay in setting sail due to a bad settlement of assets. A company that pays accordingly, leaves,” said the general secretary of SIMAPE, Pablo Trueba.

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Among the ships ready to set sail and that were delayed were the “Rasmus Effersoe”, “Xeitosiño”, “María Alejandra”, “José Américo”, “Nina”, “Paku”, “Arrufo” and “Borrasca”: together, They involve about 240 fishermen.

However, the SOMU board of directors at the national level did not endorse the protest: “in the face of the suddenness of some union to stop the departure of fishing vessels to the fishing zone, we did not accompany the strike since, just as it was negotiated and achieved the Income Tax (sic) without reaching a measure of force, this organization is and continues to talk with the business chambers to reach an agreement for the benefit of the affiliates,” said that union.

Union sources explained that the difference in the way of settling the value of the dollar is important, since with the official price almost 40% less is received.

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