they reject precautionary measures to import high-end taps and premium drinks

they reject precautionary measures to import high-end taps and premium drinks

In what was interpreted as an endorsement of the SIRA system, it ruled against the importation of “non-essential products for our industry.”

Ignacio Petunchi

The Justice endorsed the SIRA system (System of Imports of the Argentine Republic) by rejecting precautionary measures filed to be able to import “high-end” faucets and “premium” drinks.

The rejection of both precautionary measures corresponded to the Federal Contentious Administrative Court No. 9, in charge of Pablo Cayssials.

In the precautionary measures, in one case, the “unconstitutionality” of the SIRA system and, on the other, the “extremely high costs” to the detriment of the “rights” of the company.

cayssials considered that both proposals were “inadmissible” and that “foreign currency cannot be allocated to companies that intend to circumvent import controls to bring in products that are not essential for the operation of our industry.”

“We must work to sustain employment and national production,” urged the magistrate in the grounds of the ruling released this Friday.



What is the Sira System?

Through Joint General Resolution 5271/2022, the Import System of the Argentine Republic (SIRA), with the aim of “ensuring proper development of foreign trade operations”.

In this regulation of imports, the the Federal Agency for Public Income (AFIP), the General Directorate of Customs, the Secretary of Commerce and the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic.

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