President Petro denounces an attempted coup

President Petro denounces an attempted coup

The president of Colombia, Gustavo Petrodenounced an attempt to coup against him and assured that certain sectors seek to replace him “against the popular will, as happened in Peru.”

In his complaint, Petro compared his situation with that of the Peruvian government: “It’s called a soft hit. It is a coup, against the popular will. Once the reforms are knocked down, they plan to destroy me in the Accusations Commission to do exactly what was done in Peru: take the president to jail and change him for one not elected by the people, who would be the one who will elect the head of Congress in the next semester.

“Castillo was alone. Here we tell you: Petro is not alone. If they dare to violate the popular mandate, the people will come out of every cornerfrom under each stone, from each municipality, to defend the popular triumph”, he added in relation to the former Peruvian president who is being detained today after his dismissal at the hands of Congress.

Gustavo Petro

Gustavo Petro, President of Colombia.

Courtesy: @Mineducacion

The Colombian Government He went through a difficult week in political terms: the president carried out name changes in the cabinet due to the illegal wiretapping scandal and allegations of illegal financing of his campaign.

In an offensive attempt against the sectors that question his figure, Petro received the support of the Colombian trade union centrals -The Central Unitaria de Trabajadores, the General Confederation of Labor and the Confederation of Workers of Colombia, which filled the streets of the main cities this Wednesday in support of the projects, and leaders from all over the world expressed their support for the president in a text with more than 400 signatures.

In this line, he defended himself with the endorsement of the “people”: “Let Congress know that the reforms are not a whim of a president nor are they bad, as the owners of big capital say, but the desires of an entire people. May Congress not betray the people.”

Petro gets rid of the scandal

Colombian President Gustavo Petro assured that his campaign did not receive money from drug trafficking and that his Government does not make illegal interceptions or accept blackmail, after the threats from one of his former political bishops revealed by a media outlet.

Semana Magazine published some recordings of Armando Benedetti, who until last week was Colombia’s ambassador to Venezuela, in which he is heard angry and threatens the former chief of staff, Laura Sarabiato reveal an alleged illegal financing of the Petro campaign for about 3.5 million dollars and assures that, if they did, they would all go to jail.

“Laura, we all sank. We’re all done. We’re going to jail. With so much shit that I know, well we all get screwed. If you screw me, I’ll screw you, ”says the former diplomat in audios full of insults in which his interlocutor is not heard.

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