Massa met with ambassadors of the European Union

Massa met with ambassadors of the European Union

The Minister of Economy, Sergio Massavisited this Friday the headquarters of the European Union in Argentina to hold a working meeting with the 21 accredited community ambassadors in the country.

According to a statement from the economic ministry, the objective of the working meeting was to “strengthen bi-regional economic ties, analyze the regional and global situation, as well as publicize Argentina’s roadmap for the coming months, together with the main policies under way to promote macroeconomic stability”.

In addition to the head of the Delegation of the EU In Argentina, the ambassadors of Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Sweden.

For his part, the Minister of Economy attended accompanied by his main adviser on international relations, Gustavo Martínez Pandiani.

At the beginning of the meeting, the minister highlighted to the EU as a “preponderant partner” in Argentina’s growth plan.

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The EU as a “key market” for the country

“It is that the European block is a key market for our exports -USD 11,000 million in 2022- and the main investor in the country in very diverse sectors such as manufacturing, services, mining, information technology and communications and hydrocarbons, among others. “, he pointed out.

In this framework, both Massa as the representatives of the nations of the EUagreed on the need to seek more opportunities for cooperation to encourage joint development models that take care of the environment into account, while promoting the strengthening of value chains and job creation.

Likewise, the minister informed the diplomatic representatives that Argentina “is in a position to consolidate itself as a leading actor on the world stage as a provider of transition (gas) and green energy, critical minerals such as lithium and copper”, while He assured that the projections of the agro-industrial sector, beyond the drought that affected the country in 2023, “are extremely favorable”, thanks to the increase in arable land and the development of agro-tech.

In turn, they maintained a fluid exchange on issues related to the international geopolitical agenda, focusing on the war in Ukraine, its impact on supply chains and global prices.

On this point, Massa He urged European countries to redouble bi-regional cooperation efforts and called for rethinking the operation of multilateral organizations in order to provide them with greater tools to protect nations from global economic and financial instability.

Regarding the agreement Mercosur-EU They agreed that it is a strategic mechanism to strengthen bi-regional ties. However, they recognized the need to increase efforts to achieve a “balanced agreement” that is mutually beneficial for the development of citizens on both sides of the Atlantic.

Argentina’s relationship with both the EU as with its members have a long history of cooperation. Both regions share democratic values, adherence to the rule of law, defense of institutions, respect for international standards, and the vocation to seek consensual and negotiated solutions through bilateral and multilateral mechanisms.

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