Sergio Massa made a stopover in Paraguay, met with Santiago Peña and returned to Buenos Aires

Sergio Massa made a stopover in Paraguay, met with Santiago Peña and returned to Buenos Aires
August 24, 2023 – 2:19 p.m.

As Ámbito learned, Massa and the Guaraní president discussed the hydroelectric power of Yacyretá, the progress of construction of the Aña Cuá dam and the construction of a binational bridge.

The Minister of Economy and candidate for president for the Union for the Homeland (UxP), Sergio Massamade the last stopover on his return from the United States to Argentina in Paraguay and met this afternoon with the new president of that country, Santiago Pena.

The appointment with the Paraguayan president began after 12 in Argentina at the Paraguayan presidential residence Mburuvicha Roga and the Secretary of Energy, Flavia Royónthe Minister of Transport, Diego Giulianothe head of Advisors of the Ministry of Economy, Leonardo Madcurand the head of INDEC and adviser on international economic policy, Marco Lavagna. On the Guarani side, the Minister of Economy of Paraguay, Carlos Fernandez Valdovinos.

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as far as he could tell Ambitthe topics discussed were the payment of the Yacyretá hydroelectric power canon, progress in the construction of the Aña Cuá dam, and the construction of a binational bridge with CAF financing.

Aña Cuá had a investment of US$350 million and its completion is scheduled for 2025. And the payments for energy are stopped by Massa at the request of Peña, until the departure of the director of the Yacyretá Binational Entity (EBY), Nicanor Duarte Fruitsof the ruling Colorado Party, but at odds with the faction of Horace Cartes, who sponsors Peña.

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Peña, 44, served as finance minister and since last week became the new president of Paraguay. “Today I honorably assume the responsibility of serving you as your president. I address you with humility and determination, and I promise to sustain and consolidate the necessary powers to govern successfully,” Peña said last Tuesday upon taking office.

In this way, the Colorado Party, which has governed the country almost uninterruptedly for the last 71 years, will remain in power for another five years, now with the former Minister of Economy in charge of the Paraguayan Executive Branch.


Source: Ambito

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