Di María does not get off the National Team: “I am waiting for the list”

Di María does not get off the National Team: “I am waiting for the list”

The world champion in Qatar 2022 Angel Di Maria stated this Thursday that his intention to leave the Argentine national team after the world Cup was forgotten, and that now he wants to continue achieving important things with the team lionel scaloni.

“I will always be aware of the list that I get scaloni. One is always waiting for that call, knowing that it may or may not be there. No one has a secure place,” she said in an interview with D Sports Radio.

Along the same lines, he added: “I think about trying from here to America Cup make the most points to leave the Selection well up. Now what happened is over, we remain in history, but we have to look forward.”

Looking to the future, he assured that he feels “good” and continues to “perform”: “I continue to perform. That means that one can continue to be in the Selection. It is obvious that boot playoffs It’s like being already in it world“.

“You have to do your best to score as many points as possible to get to the America Cup and enter the world as soon as possible. One has illusions of many things, but you have to go day by day, “he continued.

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Ángel Di María with the World Cup


The memory of the final with France

On the other hand, he recalled the meeting before Francewhich determined the coronation of Argentina after 36 years of drought: “We made a great final, it will remain for life. What we lived through was crazy. The suffering we had was worth it, it’s like what we have achieved is liked more”

“I did not see the cover of the I drew (Martínez), I can’t even see it in photos. I watched the first minutes of the Final with France and then I advanced her to penalties. Surely the technical body of the Selection You will want to continue down the same path. There are great players who are coming out,” he completed.

In addition, he analyzed the level exhibited by the Selection national in the world Cup: “I think with him world We gave a class on improvement, that everything can be achieved. It is impossible to forget that one is a World Champion. I have the cup in the living room at home and I always remember the great moments of that month. I hope we continue to succeed with the same humility as always. We leave a great legacy for generations to come.”

Later, he mentioned the criticism he received throughout his career for his performance in the Albiceleste team: “What one had to listen to hurt a lot, but football in the Argentina you live like this I was never against criticism. They were more for my injuries than anything else because I have given up in the Selection. It is normal that injuries can happen and they happened to me at specific moments”.

Finally, he referred to the values ​​that appear in the national team and highlighted Alexander Garnacho: “For the Selection That there are players in big clubs in Europe is a plus. garnacho He is the player to watch for everything he has been doing at United. He is young and has to go slowly.”

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