amount and what to do to collect it

amount and what to do to collect it

Within the framework of a battery of measures to strengthen the pockets of workers, retirees, and beneficiaries of social plans, the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, anticipated that there will be an additional aid of 20,000 pesos for those enrolled in the Empower Work program.

When will the bonus to Boost Work be paid?

From his Instagram social network account, the head of the Palacio de Hacienda indicated that this sum “will be paid in two tranches of 10,000 pesos in September and the same in October.”

Massa stressed that “this aid reaches 1,300,000 beneficiaries and that it also aims to protect and care for the most vulnerable sectors.”

Enhance Work: how much do I charge?

Potenciar Trabajo is a plan that provides for the payment of an amount equivalent to half of a Minimum, Vital and Mobile Salary. In this way, in September, after the last update, the beneficiaries will receive $59,000, to which the additional $10,000 will be added.

How to enroll in Potenciar Trabajo?

At the moment, registration for Potenciar Trabajo is suspended. In the event that the inscriptionshe procedure is the following:

  • enter the Web page government official
  • Click on the section “Complete form”
  • Fill in the fields with all data requested by Renatep and continue the steps
  • Finally, we can download the voucher. Among the data that is usually requested, are the following:
  • Name and surname
  • ID number
  • Birthdate
  • Sex according to ID
  • Gender
  • Province
  • Municipality
  • Location
  • Address where you are living
  • Landline or cell phone
  • Email address
  • Preferred form of contact (SMS or Email)
  • Highest educational level achieved

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The beneficiaries of Potenciar Trabajo from ANSES get paid on the 5th of each month.

How to update my data in Potenciar Trabajo?

In case you need update your datayou must have three simple requirements:

  • be enrolled in the program,
  • have updated ID
  • and have a CUIL number.

On the other hand, they must follow a series of simple steps:

By following a series of simple steps, you will be able to update your information in the Potenciar Trabajo program

  • enter the My Argentina application. In the case of not having said app, it can be downloaded for free for Android or iOS devices, as well as access directly from the website.
  • Then you should go to the tab “My Collections” and enter the form
  • Complete the form indicating your personal informationlevels of study and productive, community or educational activity

What is Potenciar Trabajo?

Enhance Work is a welfare program, also known as “social plan”, granted by the Ministry of Social Development. According to its website, it is the union of the National Program for Socio-productive Inclusion and Local Development “Potenciar Trabajo”, unifying the programs we make future and Complementary Social Salaryor in a single initiative.

As for his aim, According to the National Government, it is to contribute to the improvement of employment and generate new productive proposals through the development of socio-productive, socio-community, socio-labour projects and the completion of studies.

In this way, according to the government, the social inclusion full for people who are in a situation of social and economic vulnerability. That is, the Enhance Work program It is intended for those natural persons who are under the programs “We make Future” and “Community Productive Projects”. He “Empower Work” program unifies all of its holders in this initiative.

Regarding the consideration for the money received, the holders of the program will have to pay a fee with their participation in socio-productive, socio-labor and/or socio-community projects or through educational terminality.

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Enhance Work.

What are the clauses that prevent access to the Potenciar Trabajo program?

To be part of Enhance Work program it is necessary to be part of the National Registry of Workers of the Popular Economy. For this, the following incompatibilities must not be present:

  • Be the owner of more than 2 estate
  • Be the owner of more than 3 automobiles, except motorcycles that are not counted

To access RENATEP you cannot be the owner of more than 3 cars

On the other hand, both in the case of estate such as automobiles, one of those goods must be affected by the economic entrepreneurship.

In the event that, in addition to working in the popular economy sector, you have a job in a dependency relationship, your salary for said work may not exceed the Minimum salary, vital and movil.

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