Efficient electrical appliances, more healthy food: what Upper Austrians want

Efficient electrical appliances, more healthy food: what Upper Austrians want
Half of Upper Austrians would like more vegetarian and healthy food in canteens and public kitchens.
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What is important to Upper Austrians in terms of their responsibility as consumers? Finding out was the aim of a survey of 600 people conducted by the opinion research institute Sora on behalf of the Upper Austrian environmental department. Various topics were queried, ranging from energy and mobility to food.

The survey results also reflect the effects of the energy crisis: 71 percent said that they had replaced old power guzzlers with new, more efficient devices. More than half stated that they had reduced the room temperature during the past heating period. According to their own statements, 49 percent do without the car more often and instead use public transport, a bicycle or walk. 96 percent are calling for the economy to end planned weak points in products. Devices would have to be durable and repairable. 94 percent are in favor of reducing the mountains of plastic waste. 85 percent want seasonal, regional food to be cheaper than imported goods. 49 percent would like more vegetarian and healthy food in canteens.

“Questions regarding climate protection and resource consumption are more important than ever,” says Environment and Climate Protection Councilor Stefan Kaineder (Greens). The big issues have reached the general public. Extreme weather events like in the past few weeks, when periods of heat and heavy rain events alternated, would lead people to rethink. The fact that so many people have exchanged their old electrical appliances and the repair bonus is in high demand is a sign that people are not only rethinking, but are also already taking action: “Politics, business and people have to work together on changes.”

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