The ENRE fined Edenor $105 million for various aspects of the contract

The ENRE fined Edenor $105 million for various aspects of the contract
August 30, 2023 – 13:43

The entity’s controller pointed out that “we apply the maximum sanction provided for each breach detected.”


He controller of the National Electricity Regulatory Entity (IN RE), Walter Martello, sanctioned to the distribution company edenor in $105,407,647due to various breaches linked to the commercial service qualitythe quality of technical service, the quality of attention to users and anomalies in public safety.

The auditor highlighted, in relation to these new fines, that “since we took office, we have controlled and penalized the concessionary companies for each non-compliance verified according to what is established in the concession contract”. And he remarked: “It is essential that users continue to make claims before the companies so that we can continue applying this type of sanctions”.

Why was Edenor sanctioned?

By means of the Resolution No. 609/23 the entity fined edenor by deficiencies in the Attention quality in commercial offices, specifically for delays in customer service. In this regard, the Concession Contract establishes that the concessionary company “must guarantee the personalized attention of the usershaving to prevent them from suffering unnecessary loss of time” and that, likewise, “it must guarantee dignified and equitable treatment conditions” for users.

Through the Resolutions No. 610, 611, 612/2023 the concessionaire was penalized for public safety breachesdue to two injury incidents people in the Buenos Aires parties of Hummock and The slaughterand having found 270 cases with anomalies electrical safety on public roads.

On the other hand, the Resolution No. 620/23 fined breaches in relation to the information gathering and processing that allows to evaluate the Technical Service Quality. Lastly, the Resolution No. 621/23 penalized breaches in the commercial service quality and the attention qualityhaving detected errors related to the billing of the service and home connections.

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