Only 6 out of 10 Argentines eat lunch every day

Only 6 out of 10 Argentines eat lunch every day

Only 6 out of 10 Argentines eat lunch every day of the week. In turn, the most sought after attribute in the lunch it has to do with what it is healthywithout counting that it is made up of an average of 3.7 ingredients. This is how the study confirmed “The Argentine Lunch” created by ShopApp Insights, a consulting firm that interviewed 1,000 Argentine consumersbetween June 14 and 17, to analyze their lunches. I know all the results.


The importance of lunch

Lunch ties with breakfast in the importance of the day’s meals. It turns out the most important meal between the under 30 years (49%), while the breakfast is the more important for the over 50. Also, the lunch It is the most important food for people with an index of High Socioeconomic Levels (SES)where he 46% declares that it is most important meal of the day.

About the meals made every day of the week, the lunch is consumed the seven days a week by 61% of respondents10pp more than the breakfast. It should be mentioned that it is more consumed by young people under 30.

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Answers to the question

Answers to the question “Which of the four meals of the day do you think is the most important?”


In that sense, 6 out of 10 Argentines eat lunch every day of the week. This number is higher than high NSE (74%), while a 13% declares that does not have lunch. The percentage is higher than men (19%), people over 30 (16%) and NSE means (17%).

He 40% who does not eat lunch every day of the week, why do you skip lunch some days?

  • The lack of time it is the central reason, especially in men and in medium and high SES.
  • The food price barrier it is the second most popular reason in low SES.

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Contrary to what happened with the breakfastThat skipped more on weekends lunch is more respected on the weekend and on Fridays. This makes sense considering that the timeor the consumption away from homeAre the main barriers for this meal.

In this context, it is worth mentioning that the lunchsame as him breakfastis different on weekends and weekdays: 6 out of 10 Argentines do not have the same lunch on the weekend and during the week.

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What is different about lunch on the weekends?

Lunch is more elaborate, richer and more accompanied. The more elaborate lunches on the weekend are more popular among young people between 18 and 29 years of age and in middle SES.

The focus on the indulgence it is led by men, young people from 18 to 29 and the two ends of the pyramid: high NSE and low NSE. Those over 50 and high SES explain the weekend lunches more accompanied.




lunch foods

He Argentinian lunch consists of an average of 3.7 ingredients. He 54% includes meat in some format in your lunch. Meanwhile, the ricethe legumes and the pasta are also part of lunch, for half of Argentines. while the salad crown a top 4 that captures the 54% of the food consumed at this meal.

The fast foods gain popularity in a lunch what are you looking for be resolved quickly: empanadas, pizza, hamburgers, sandwiches and hot dogs gather the 27% of the most consumed foods.

Regarding drinks, four drinks capture 80% of the fluids consumed at lunch. He water is positioned in first place, with a consumption that reaches 75% of those surveyed, and is higher in youths (18-29 years). Second place is occupied by soft drinks, more popular in men and middle SES. followed, the prepared powdered juices reach 22% and are also popular among young people, while the Flavored waters they are more popular in women and reach 21%.

Worrying: Argentines consume sugary drinks every day


how we had lunch

3 out of 4 Argentines have lunch accompanied. This number is 17 points higher than that of the breakfastwhich only consumes accompanied by a 58%.

Who eats the most accompanied lunch?

The women (80%), the young people from 18 to 29 years old (79%) and the low NSE (82%).



Pro Leon Magazine.

About how do we solve lunchthat prepared and eaten at home it is the most popular option, especially in women, over 50 years of age and high SES. While take something prepared from home it is the second most popular option, especially among men and medium SES. Finally, buy something near work or school It is the third most popular option, especially among men, young people between 18 and 29 years old, and low SES.

What attributes are sought in lunch?

make it healthy It is the most sought after, especially in women, over 50 and high SES. that is rich it is the second most searched attribute, which is most popular among people under 30 and middle and low SES. The top 3 (which captures the attributes chosen by the 78% of consumers) is crowned by the practicality which captures 23%, and is most popular in NSE media.

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