How inflation impacted Argentines’ favorite food

How inflation impacted Argentines’ favorite food

The amount of food that can be bought with the impoverished wages of Argentina is reduced daily. This is due to a level of inflation what in Augusthe shot himself 12.4% and accumulates an increase of 124.4% year-on-year, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INDEC).

According to the organization’s monthly report, although the price increase was generalized in all areas, the sector Food and non-alcoholic beverages had a 15.6% peakproduct of the rise in the category Meats and derivatives and in that of Vegetables, tubers and legumes.


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Its about first inflation data after impact of devaluation of the official exchange rate, the day after the PASO, which accelerated the pace at which the prices of the economy move.

That inertia, according to private estimates, would also make September will remain in the realm of double monthly digits.

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The pizza index: your salary measured in pizzas

According to the figures surveyed, the current value of the minimum, vital and mobile wage (SMVM) would allow you to buy 22 mozzarella pizzas in The immortalsone of the most famous brands in the field, whose headquarters are located on Corrientes Avenuein the Buenos Aires downtown.

For its part, meters from Obelisk Buenos Aires, the iconic pizzas of Sbarro They respond to a New York classic, with the pepperoni and Neapolitan flavors being the most representative. In that place, with the SMSV equivalent to $118,000 can be purchased 15 units.

If one moves away from the center of the Buenos aires cityand arrives, for example, in the neighborhood of Villa Ortúzarwill find The Mezzettaan establishment that won the award for the best pizza in the city in 2018. There, with the minimum salary you can buy them 33 classic units, although the star of the place is the stuffed fugazzetta. In that case, they can be purchased at a rate of 19 units, almost half.

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