Terrorism: At least 16 dead after truck bomb explodes in Somalia

Terrorism: At least 16 dead after truck bomb explodes in Somalia

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, but Al-Shabaab has claimed similar attacks in the past. The Islamist terrorist militia controls parts of the East African country.

According to police and eyewitnesses, at least 16 people were killed in a suicide truck bomb attack in the Somali town of Beledwayne. Both police officers and civilians were among the dead, police officer Hassan Dhi’isow told the German Press Agency. The explosion caused enormous damage to surrounding commercial buildings and schools, so the death toll may be even higher. At least 30 people were also injured.

The target of the attack in the capital of the central province of Hiran is currently unknown, it said. There is a checkpoint nearby where taxes are collected from trucks. So far, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. In the past, however, the Islamist terrorist militia Al-Shabaab had claimed responsibility for similar attacks.

Al-Shabaab has held parts of the East African country firmly in its hands for years. The militia still controls large areas, particularly in the south. However, Al-Shabaab has been coming under increasing pressure for months after the army launched an offensive against the terrorists.

Source: Stern

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